Rhythm Works Integrative Dance 2019




This is our new program for kids, teens and adults with Autism/Special needs and their families. This is a wonderful oportunity to learn, share, and enjoy movement and dance!


Pre-Teens/teens Dance workshop February 2017

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Our people with different abilites will learn, share and feel confident about dancing and learning some techniques that will help them to improve spacial awareness, self-steem, confidence, coordination, strenght, social interaction, flexibility, body awareness and acceptance.


Limited spaces.

Registrations Open

Special Needs, Special Lives, Special Hearts...

Our friends and family members with different abilities deserve a safe, respectful and reliable space where to learn and enjoy art, movement and Dance.

IMC offers: Dance group lessons, a Dance Team (for teens with Autism and Down Syndrome) and an Individualized Movement Program which includes physical and socio-emotional developmental activities through Movement Education. Family support and a friendly environment are the base of this fantastic program which will improve the quality of our special needs relatives and friends' lives.


 Different times and dates available.


"Our mission is to help, teach and share with those who have a different way to enjoy life; their mission is to teach us how to become a better person"... Claudia Samano-Losada.

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