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Children, Teens, Adults



Creative Ballet (3-4yrs): This class focuses in the development and consciousness of body orientation, flexibility, self-confidence, following instructions, and class structure. Ballet technique is starting to be introduced at this point with games, songs and different props. A structured 45-60 min class is presented in a fun way.


Pre-Ballet (5-6): This class focuses in the development and consciousness of body orientation, flexibility, strength, alignment and class structure. Ballet technique and terminology will be introduced. 60 min. class


Ballet I, Ballet II, Ballet III: Classical Ballet technique in classes specifically designed for different levels and age range. Build grace, strength and focuses in terminology, technique and discipline. (Progressive program for all ages emphasizing classical technique)


Lyrical : A modern style of movement that emphasize fluidity and grace. This dance style blends ballet and jazz dance. Music used for lyrical is typically emotionally charged and expressive. A lyrical dancer uses movement to express strong emotions such as love, joy and anger. Bare feet or modern dance shoes required.


Creative Ballet/Tap: In this class, students will learn the basic concepts of ballet and tap technique, as well a the fundamental dance class structure. Following instructions, taking turns, self confidence, spatial awareness, and other basic skills are fundamental for dance and daily basis development. All these is taught through the perfect balance of discipline and fun.


Tumble/Dance: This class incorporates ballet technique and tumbling basic aspects. Emphasizing flexibility, strenght and muscular developement.


Contemporary Dance/Modern : Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements and body consciousness. This style stresses versatility and improvisation and focuses on floorwork, using gravity to pull them down to the floor. It is often done in bare feet. Contemporary dance can be performed to many different styles of music.


St Jazz/Hip-Hop : Arresting isolations, percussive rhythm, and street style characterize this dance form. Explore this cutting-edge dance form and catch the excitement in classes. Music can vary between rap, pop, techno, jazz and DJ's.


Jazz : This type of dancing is energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns. To excel in jazz, dancers need a background in ballet, as it encourages grace and balance. Music varies from pop, percussion, Jazz, Hip-hop, etc.

Jazz shoes/sneakers required, unless other specifications by instructor is made.

-Progressive and Competition programs are encourage in all appropriate dance styles and levels-


Lyrical Jazz: The combination of the the Lyrical and Jazz techniques. The two techniques terminology and choreography.


Kids in motion: This class is designed for the appropriate level of skills development of children 2-8yrs. Movement, rhythms, musicality, coordination, natural reflexes and strength. A different format is taught every class: Sports conditioning, Yoga, Music & rhythms and mini hip-hop (percussion/pop).


Step/Cheer: This class is an introduction to stepping and cheer movement, with a little Hip-hop flare. Stepping is a mix of stomping and clapping to produce music or compliment music. Students will learn a little history of some of the dance styles we incorporate and they will alo be encourage to find their own style whitin each dance/step routine. This class will be a blast!


Pom/Dance: This class consists on a selected group of movements from a specific technique (Lyrical, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop, etc) Emphasizing strength, group/tean work and usually the us of pom-poms. 


Cheer-Dance: Contain many components of cheer, dance, jumps and tumbling. This class has a higher touch of choreography and dance elements that develop a stronger sense of dance and rhythm. Progressive program and competitions offered.


Mom/me: Class designed for the infants and toddlers 7-23 months. Parents/caregivers are required to participated in all activities. Fundamental motor and fine skills adequate for this age. Dragging, crawling, walking, grasping, natural reflexes, musicality, spatial/sensory/visual awareness and interaction, are stimulated with different materials & activities. A fun and colorful class for our little ones!


Authenitc Movement/Movement for all: This class is a simple form of self-direct and direct movement. It is usually done with the attention directed inward. Movers explore spontaneous movement, space and stillness, following inner impulses in the present moment. Great dance/movement format to gain self confidence, self-esteem, self consciousness, as well as get over stress, anxiety, muscular pain, or emotional difficulties. For all ages, genders and shapes.

Movement for ALL: An amazing class that focuses in brain development, self-confidence, creativity and movement. Inclusive class for kids, teenagers, adults and seniors. This class can vary in themes and methods, but the main goal is to improve brain faculties, body awareness and body/ mind connection. Class will be held every week for kids 3- 10 and once a month in a workshop format for pre-teens, teens, adults and seniors. Different themes and specific concerns will be addressed. No dance experience required. 
Flamenco:  The most popular Spanish dance technique that incorporates foot work, arms, hands and upper body elegant movements and the passionate palmas (clapping) and guitar music from Spain.
Salsa:  One of the most popular Latin American dance styles. This class will vary depending on Instructor's technique and backround. Salsa, has different styles: Cuba, Puerto Rican, Mexican, or New York'in Salsa. Partner is no required.
Tango: The most popular dance style in Argentine. An enchanting technique that involves technique, style, elegance, and passion. This class will vary depending on instructor's technique based on the two styles in the US: Argentine Tango or American Tango. No partner required.
Zumba Jr: An international recreational dance class for children 6 & up that stimulates rhythm, musicality, coordination, interaction and fun. Salsa, Merengue, flamenco, pop and the latest movements will catch kids attention and movement fast and easily.




Ballet Workout: 60 min Dance-fitness class that focuses in balance, strength, core, alignment, flexibility and tone. Ballet-barres are used every class. Ballet slippers/sneakers/jazz shoes required. All levels. Not Dance experience required.


Razzl: A dance and music celebration that spotlights YOU in a thrilling, theatrical time warp of Show Tunes, Soundtracks and Big Band!. Props could be used in every class. All levels. Not Dance experience required.


Urban Razzl: Join us in this funky, energetic dance fitness celebration of classic Hip Hop songs from the early 80's to now. Urban RazzL is a total timeline of old and new dance moves all rolled into one crazy-FUN class!". All levels. Not Dance experience required.


Dance Xtreme: A Dance-fitness class that combines easy to follow movements with a high amount of energy, strength and extensions. 60 min of low to high impact workout: isometrics, tone, cardio and fun with 60's, 70's, 80's-2000's music. All levels. Not Dance experience required.

(*Kids friendly class. Children are welcome in the dance room during class, under your own supervision)


Zumba: Dance-fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training, alternating fast and slow rhythms, and resistance training


Co-Movement: Get YOUR 60 min of tranquility, body awareness and relaxation with this peaceful class where you will find the amazing connection between body & mind. Find your balance, and transform some postures and movements in an overall healthier YOU. You won't regret it. Yoga,Dance and a variety of Movement techniques will be applied in each class. Natural, organic movement based. All levels. Not Dance experience required. 

                                                                                   SALTSHAKE CLASSES:

CARDIO CHOREO (16+) - Cardio Choreo is a 45 minute class with non stop moves and

grooves. We will begin by learning stylized aerobic steps to the beat of your favorite 90s and

2000s throwbacks, working our way to performing a stylized cardio routine at the end of class.

CONTEMPORARY CHOREO (16+) - This contemporary class will include a feel good warm up

and facilitated choreography. Once the choreography is learned, we will discuss different

approaches to take with it as you will be encouraged to go in your own direction with the

facilitated movement. This class is great for the creative minds who crave collaboration and

movement prompts.

TECHNIQUE WHAT AND WHY (16+)- This class is aimed toward dancers with little experience

with codified technique. Technique What and Why will break down traditional ballet movements,

explain how to do them, why we do them, and offer space to explore them. This class is great

for methodical minds who want a hands-on, stimulating approach to technique, no matter their

level of expertise.

CANDLE LIT CREATIVE (16+) - If you are looking to ignite your creativity while cultivating your

calm, Candle Lit Creative is the class for you. Wind down from your hectic day through

movement improvisation, facilitated by Megan Margaret Moore.

CREATIVE KIDS (6-10) - You are never too young to learn creative movement tools, and how

to move your body freely. Creative Kids is a youth improvisation class designed to ignite a

child's curiosity, and creativity. This class will include improvisation prompts, and intro to



Learning Programs


K.A.L.M (Kids Active Learning. “Moms day out!”): A shorter version of our popular and unique pre-school program in our community and not bilingual.


BILMP. Curriculum, music, crafts, story time, BILINGUAL activities, lunch time and more, in a fascinating way of physical activities and movement exploration. Three professionals in Early Childhood Education, teaching and movement instruction are here to have fun with your children  3– 5 years old. Two and a half hours of brain development and fun in a hands-on learning.


Arts in Motion: Crafts, art projects, fine motor skills, story time, and fun! Mostly offered during adult classes, so mom and kids can have their own time at the same time!. Please check our schedule for more information. Limited to 8 children per class.


Spanish in Motion: This unique learning process, help the understanding and applied terminology of Spanish as a Second language. Beginners/Intermediate/Advance classes are offered in an After school programs or individual/family sessions. Use of different methods that stimulate the processes of reading, writing, and speaking Spanish. 100% bilingual instructors from Mexico, Spain & Chile.

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