"Life is movement... "John J Ratey


Music, Movement, Exploration, Body-mind awareness, physical activities, student-centered activities, discipline, love

and detailed attention to our students, 

are some of the elements we believe in, follow and

work with in every class at IMC...


We believe in the ability to improve, develope and discover different ways of learning and understanding in each person, therefore, we have created a variety of classes and a fun and diverse schedule for you, your baby, your daughter or grandma...



Our Preschool Dance program offers to our beloved little dancers the right amount of discipline, structure, technique and seriousness, combined with the precise amount of freedom, fun and laughs to stimulate and encourage their creativity. We care about their entire development, therefore, the good care for their bodies, minds and self-confidence is our priority. 

We are a group of professionals working together, with you, families, parents and caregivers that wish to provide our little ones, the opportunity to expand horizons in an enjoyable and creative way.

Our Competitive and non-competitive students ages six and up, learn through understanding and self-confidence about the benefits, the potential and the beauty that every dance technique offers at each level.

Our Instructors and choreographers are qualified, professionally and socially, to understand the different abilities and capacities of each student.
Through encouragement, motivation and technique,
all our students pursuit their goals and their personal and group achievements in a safe, mindful and diverse environment.