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1.-Monthly tuition should be paid at the time of registration  the first 5 days of each month. Full tuition should be paid every month regardless of whether four weeks of classes are held that month. This includes winter break, spring break and summer season.There will be NO REFUNDS for missed classes or any initial tuition or payment after 3 days of payment.


2.-After the 5th of each month, a late fee of $15.00 will apply. (Please add it to your payment). If you decide not to pay late fee being late, student won't be allowed to enroll the next month of classes.


3.A $35 per student, non refundable registration fee is required to register for any class. (one time fee). However, if the sudent is abscent for 6 weeks or more, the registration fee has to be paid again. 


4.-A $30 fee is charged for all NSF and closed account checks. After 3 returned checks from ANY parent, He/she won't be allowed to pay with check anymore and only cash will be accepted.


5.-If you have a payment to make and the office is closed, you can use the drop in box available at the lobby. We only accept cash or personal checks.

If you are dropping a payment in the drop in box please:

Checks: write the full amount with tax (8.7%), student's and class class name on the check.

Cash: please use an envelope with all the information and exact amount including tax.


Class attire/Be prepared for class


6.-Classes not meeting minimum enrollment (5 students) will be canceled. Students will be moved to other existing classes or tuition will be refunded.


7.-All students must wear dance related attire. Shorts, sweats, pants, jeans, and dresses will not be allowed in class. Students who come not appropriately dressed will be asked to sit and watch their class. Ballet students must wear leotard and tights. Jazz, tap, flamenco, hula and hip hop classes may wear unitards, leotards, spandex, dance pants, with a leotard, but will not be allowed to wear long shirts, sweatshirts, or shirts that must be tucked in. Please ask each teacher about the specific clothes/uniform for the class you or your child is attending. BILP, ASSIM & SNIMP please wear comfortable clothes, no dresses, skirts or jeans at all! We'll be moving so much ;)

All hair must be pulled back into a bun (required for ballet classes) ponytail, braids, pigtails, or snood (except short hair).

All tap, ballet, jazz and hip hop, flamenco, salsa shoes must only be worn in the studio. With the dance floor any dirt brought in from outside will gouge and ruin the floor. Please clean bottom of shoes weekly and please be sure to put your child's name inside all shoes.

Please, make sure your child goes to the bathroom before the class starts. Leaving not only disrupts the class but your child may miss out on valuable warm-ups or combinations. Please discuss this with your child.

Water, food or drinks of any kind are not permitted in the dance floor. Snacks/drinks are allowed in the Studio's lobby but please keep our Studio clean. GUM is not allowed in any class. (This is for Adults and Kids! Thanks! :)

Please remove all jewelery. Please don't allow your girls coming with toys, toy-rings, toy-necklaces or hair stuff that can be used as a toy during class.


8.-Parents are welcome to stay and watch the class the very first time, after that, I'll appreciate if you do it once in a while or take turns with other parents. We can't have more than three people in the lobby at the same time during classes. Some students would prefer their parents not to watch them. Please discuss this with your child and respect their wishes. Thank you so much for your understanding.




9.-Students under 14 are not allowed to leave the studio by themselves. Parents should pick them up at the dance floor area at ANY TIME. NO PARKING LOT PICKING UP ALLOWED. The only person allowed to pick up students are those who are in registration form. Other than parent/guardian picking up students: please bring a written notice, signed and dated for student file, otherwise we can't allowed the student to leave.


10.-Please PICK UP your children on time. A $5 fee will be charged after 10 min of delay.



Spring Recital


11.-Costumes will be ordered in January. All fees, including

January tuition, must be paid in full. All costumes are Non-Refundable once ordered.

Some costumes are made to order, not made to exact measurements.

Costumes will not be tried on, nor sent home, until all fees owed to Studio are current, including tuition and/or any outstanding fees. Students are expected to participate in the recital. If for any reason your child will not be in the recital, please let us know right away.




12.-We follow Oak Harbor School District calendar. Classes may be canceled due to snow or icy conditions. These classes may be made up, at your convenience, during the month that it was missed. If you are not sure whether a class will be held, please call the Oak Harbor School emergency line or listen to local radio stations, you can also check our Facebook page: In Motion Co. for constant updates.

We are closed ALL Federal holidays, including Thanksgiving weekend, Christmas Break, and Spring Break. (Full tuition has to be paid for this months)



Veterans Day

Thanksgiving Break



Christmas Break Dec



Martin Luther king



President's Day



Spring Break 



Memorial Day



Closed for regular classes OPEN for Summer Camps, workshops and different activities.


Policy is set by management and as such, any and all policy questions should be referred to the Studio Director or Manager.


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