We want our children to be safe,

happy and active. We want to prepare them as best as we can

for the challenges that lie ahead in life.


IMC has created programs that bring together:

language, learning skills, movement, and FUN!


Our unique method BILMP: ~Bilingual Integrated Learning Movement Program~ will encourage our

children to use movement as a tool to promote 

self-cofindence, ability for quick thinking,

taking decisions, create and learn while

learning a second language.


Studies has shown that learning a different language developes multiple brain abilites and better social and life oportunities.

Our Bilingual programs are offered for

pre-schoolers, school-age, teens, children and adults,

and taught by native speakers.


Our Parent Conferences:


IMC offers support, information, forums and classes to parents and families interested in the process of bilingualism/pluralinguism

of their children/family and how to understand

our Multiculural World.