The power of bilingualism and movement together can expand the brain capacity to great dimensions. Dimensions that are not yet wide discovered in our Western societies, or haven’t reached the popularity and importance in a family style.

Even though many schools around the world, learning centers and bilingual programs have been implemented movement and music to create awareness, develop listening skills, encourage creativity and to reduce anxiety or stress in their classrooms, the idea of teaching a second language through movement is still not very popular.


BILMP is a combination of non-traditional educational and holistic methods that as called, will provide a  whole learning experience and benefits, in a unique environment.


BILMP is a simple way to create an appropriate  environment, where the students can reaffirm the English language in our preschool programs and develop the cognitive skills to learn a second or a third language in all our programs ages.


A  child-centered program, which

integrates pre-school appropiate learning \

skills, through Movement Education and hands-on activities. In Both in English and Spanish language


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