in Motion Company (IMC) is

an innovative space for children,

 and adults to explore the benefits of

 movement as a whole well being.

We care about the individual and social needs of people of all ages; therefore, we offer a variety of private and group classes and activities that promote health, mind-body connection awareness, creativity and learning.

With professionalism and wide knowledge, IMC founders are strongly motivated to bring to our community

the opportunity to join these activities that lay important an foundation for physical and mental health,

develpoment, recreation and FUN!


In Motion Co. offers a Dance Center, a Learning Center and a Recreation Center, with classes and activities for ages 3mos and up, teeens  and adults.

Registration is Open all year around

10% off  Military families for 2 + classes a week



*BA Movement Therapy -FD-

*ECE Certified Practitioner.

*AFPA Children's Fitness Specialist.

*AFPA Senior Fitness Specialist.

*Yogafit Certified Insrtuctor.

*IPSB Essentials of Massage and Bodywork Certified Practitioner.

*Zumba Fitness Certified Instructor.

*Zumba Toning Certified Instructor.

*Choregrapy Design Certified

*Bilingual Family Group Certified Facilitator

*Rhythm Works Integrative Dance

*BILMP Bilingual Integrated Learning Movement Program

*Certified Life Coach

*We have the right to refuse service to anyone*